Knowing When to Change Your Atomizer

Knowing When to Change Your Atomizer

By Kenneth Overton – 12/12/2016

Vaping has quickly become a popular and safer way of smoking not just in this country but around the world. The fact that it can be done even in public or indoors without bringing any noxious smoke in the environment is a powerful convincer for those who are looking to kick their smoking habit or even dial back and try a healthy alternative.

With all of that said, e-cigarettes depend on working parts that can be affected by the elements and which will eventually break down in time. Among these parts that can break down is what’s known as the atomizer. In this article, we’re going to look at what an atomizer is, how it can break down, and when you can tell that you need to change it.

What is an atomizer?

Before we can figure out when you should change it, we first need to know what an atomizer coil is. In simple terms, the atomizer coil is the part of the e-cigarette that heats up the e-juice so that it can be vaporized.

These atomizer coils come in two varieties. One is the single-coil and the other is the dual-coil. Dual-coil atomizers have two heating elements vaporizing the liquid while single-coil atomizers only have one heating element doing the heating.

Atomizer heads are composed of three basic parts: the casing, the coil, and the wicking material. The wire’s wrapped around the wicking material and into a coil. The two ends are then connected to the part of the casing that makes contact with the battery.

After e-liquid is poured into the tank, the wicking material then gets saturated in it. After the battery is then activated, it’ll heat up the coil and cause the e-liquid to be vaporized.

What affects how long an atomizer coil lasts?

There are several things that factor into the longevity of your atomizer coil. Among these will be the acidity level as well as the PG/VG consistency of your e-liquid.

The amount that you vape and the amount of power that’s running to the coils also affects this. Generally speaking, the higher the acidity of your e-liquid of choice, the quicker the atomizer coil is going to burn out. Fruit flavors tend to have higher acidity levels, so while they might taste good, you might want to check whether you’re willing to sacrifice your atomizer coil.

If you have e-liquid with a higher VG (vegetable glycerin) level, it will tend to wear out your atomizer coil quicker as well. Both the wattage and the voltage level of your atomizer coil will also determine how long it lasts. The more power that’s running to it, the quicker it will burn out. More wattage and voltage will cause it to lose its heating ability, resulting in less vapor.

The most obvious factor going into how quickly your atomizer coil burns out is how often you vape. Those who vape consistently throughout the day will have to change their atomizer coil quicker than someone who rarely vapes. As a result, atomizer coil lifespan should be measured in hours used instead of days since last replacement.

When do I change it?

This brings us to the point of our article: How do you know when to change your atomizer coil? well, there are several signs that will warn you that you need to change your atomizer coil. Among them is how much vapor the e-cigarette is producing.

You’ll also notice leaking, a gurgling sound, or decreased production of flavor. Eventually, once the e-cigarette is producing no vapor at all, you know that it’s time to change the atomizer coil. Another sign is a burnt taste when taking a drag on the e-cigarette.

If you’re noticing any of the above signs at all, know that it’s time to change your atomic coil. Once it’s changed out, you’ll notice immediate improvement in functionality.

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