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Private Label Double Custard 50ml

A super moreish and sweet homemade vanilla custard mixed in with an extra large helping of more custard! A true must have for custard lovers.

Private Label Lime Cookie 50ml

A warm and freshly baked chewy cookie topped with sweet and sour Floridian key limes.

Private Label Reserve 50ml

A warm and freshly graham cracker biscuit topped with bananas and double cream. Not forgetting the sweet notes of peanut butter, honey and hazelnuts of course. The king of biscuit flavours.

Private Label Carrot Cake 50ml

A warm and freshly baked carrot cake topped with a sweet vanilla frosting.

TECC Urban Chase – Grape, Watermelon & Menthol 50ml

Grape, Watermelon & Menthol Urban Chase Short Fill is freshly picked green grapes and sweet watermelon finished with a cool, icy menthol.

TECC Urban Chase – Blackcurrant, Aniseed & Menthol 50ml

Blackcurrant, Aniseed & Menthol Urban Chase Short Fill is plump, ripe blackcurrants and delicate aniseed, surrounded by a tingly cold menthol; an ideal all day vape.

TECC Urban Chase – Raspberry Sherbet 50ml

Raspberry Sherbet Urban Chase Short Fill, an intensely fizzy raspberry is complemented by a zesty lemon sherbet, with just enough sweetness to keep you coming back for more.

TECC Urban Chase – Apple & Pear 50ml

Apple & Pear Urban Chase Short Fill is a delicious and refreshing blend of crisp green apple and juicy pears to create this outstanding combination.

Wick Liquor Deja VooDoo 50ml

Santa Barbara coconut husk and Chula Vista sugar cane.

Hizen 20ml/50ml by HiJacked

A fruity undertone and fresh sensation with a hint of something else that keeps you wondering what it is.

MOB Sourz Gas Pipe 50ml

Gas Pipe; an authentic cherry sours taste.

MOB Sourz Scarface 50ml

Scarface; a sweet strawberry flavour with a tangy sherbet twist.

MOB Sourz Three Fingers 50ml

Three Fingers; an authentic apple sours taste.

MOB Sourz Teflon Don 50ml

Teflon Don; tangy raspberries are complemented by the sweet tasting blueberry flavour.

MOB Sourz No Nose 50ml

No Nose;  sweet and juicy pineapple flavour with a tangy twist.

MOB Sourz Iceman 50ml

Iceman; a refreshing lemon sours taste, sure to cleanse the palate!

Vegas Drip Summer Lovin (Mixed Fruit & Rum) 50ml

Vegas Drip Summer Lovin is a wonderful mixed fruit and rum inspired  50ml e-liquid in a 70/30 mix.

Vegas Drip Jackpot (Mixed Fruit Slush) 50ml

Vegas Drip Jackpot is a wonderful mixed fruit slush 50ml e-liquid in a 70/30 mix.