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Wick Liquor Deja VooDoo 50ml

Santa Barbara coconut husk and Chula Vista sugar cane.

Wick Liquor Boulevard Shattered 50ml 0mg

Boulevard Shattered E-Liquid by Wick Liquor combines a sweet, rich Mardi Gras fruit punch with some sharp Malibu loganberries, sparked with Alaskan Crystals.

Wick Liquor Contra Shattered 50ml 0mg

Contra Shattered E-Liquid by Wick Liquor is a magnificent medley of flavours combining some Sicilian vine citrus with some Porta Fortuna fruit compote for a palatable experience.

Wick Liquor Contra 50ml 0mg

Contra eliquid combines sweet and sharp fruit notes for a balanced flavour. From your first vape you’ll taste a distinctive fruit compote that has sugary and tart notes, the tartness is intensified by a fresh tasting Sicilian lemon sorbet to finish.

Wick Liquor Boulevard 50ml 0mg

Wick Liquor Boulevard Juggernaut E Liquid 50ml Shortfill Fruit Punch, Malibu and Loganberry flavour. 0mg Nicotine - Nicotine free and Diacetyl Free. 80% VG for sub ohm vaping.